Windows System Restore

Windows system restore tool found in the ‘System Tools’ folder under ‘Accessories’.

The Windows system restore utility provides the ability to create restore points for your computer to a point in history where everything was working fine. It does not affect documents or pictures that you have saved.

What would make you need to restore your Widows Registry? Several things actually, a virus, malware, failed software install or any number of things might be the reason why. So here is the how.

First you need administrative rights to the operating system and an easy way to confirm that you have the necessary permissions is to first open the ‘Run’ dialog box

windows run command dialog
Click Start then Run

Okay now type in ‘timedate.cpl’ as shown in the graphic above. This is the same thing as opening your time and date dialog from down in the sys tray, except doing this in this fashion shows that you have admin rights. The next thing you will see is windows date and time dialog

If you see any type of error then you do not have admin rights and will need to change that before you can go any further.

Now to get to the Windows System Restore function click on ‘Start’ then ‘Programs’ then ‘Accessories’ then ‘System Tools’ and there you will find the Windows System Restore selection.

Select ‘System Restore’ and examine the choices you are given. Look for the time and date closest to the beginning of the problem you are experiencing and select it.

During the restore process the system will shut down and restart. When it is complete you will see a dialog saying the restore process has been successful (or not).

That is all there is to it. Unless of course you see an error telling you that the system could not restore the computer to the choice you made. If that is the case go through the steps again but select a different time and date to restore to.

Hope this was of some help. Good luck getting your system back up and running.

Test for admin rights

Test for admin rights if you experience unexpected results when executing system tasks. Many procedures require that you have administrative rights to the computer. System restore is one of those tasks requiring administrative rights. This is a fast method of checking to see if you have full administrative rights. A quick test for admin rights is to check if you can display the time and date using the command line interface.

To perform the system restore you must be administrator or have admin rights. If you are on a business network you might need to ask the system admin for help. Back

  1. Open the data and time dialog box.
  2. Go to the start button and select Run
  3. Type the following command into the Run dialog box, and press Ok: timedate.cpl
  4. If the time and date dialog appears then you already have admin rights.

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