Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts that can make your productive time more efficient which enables one to increase the amount of play time in a day.

I have gathered this listing of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts and put them in one place it is somewhat of a long list of keyboard shortcuts, and that is a good thing. Keyboard shortcuts give one the ability to keep your hands on the keyboard not reaching for the mouse.

If you learn to use keyboard shortcuts and the time you will save editing will greatly increase which means less work. The application of keyboard shortcuts in everyday use of the computer simplifies all tasks. Commit these keyboard shortcuts to memory and lose the mouse. Of course I can only speak for myself when I say that as far as working at the keyboard is concerned I would much rather keep it simple. That is a nice way to say that I am lazy and I am always looking for alternatives which will make my work easier to accomplish.

Keyboard shortcuts will at least once have an observer stop you and say “How did you do that?” And you will of course answer in some cryptic manner “do what?”

Ease of Access
Right Shift for eight secondsToggle Filter Keys
Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtScnToggle High Contrast
Left Alt+Left  Shift+Num LockToggle Mouse Keys
Shift five timesToggle Sticky Keys
Num Lock for five secondsToggle Keys
Window logo +UOpen Ease of Access Center
F1Display Help
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+InsertCopy the selected item(s)
Ctrl+XCut the selected item(s)
Ctrl+V or Shift+InsertPaste the selected item(s)
Delete or Ctrl+DDelete item and move to recycle bin
Shift+DeleteDelete item completely
F2Rename the item
Ctrl+right ArrowCursor to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl+left ArrowCursor to the beginning of the previous word
Ctrl+Down ArrowCursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+Up ArrowCursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Shift with arrow keySelect block of text
Shift with any arrow keyMultiple select
Ctrl and any arrow+SpacebarMultiple individual items select
Ctrl+ASelect all
Alt+enterDisplay properties for selected item
Alt+F4Close active window, close program
Alt+SpacebarShort cut menu active window
Ctrl+F4Close active item or exit program
Alt+TabSwitch between open items
Ctrl+Alt+TabUse Arrow keys to switch between open items
Crtl+Mouse scroll wheelChange the size if items on desktop
Windows Logo key + TabAero Flip 3-D
Ctrl+Windows key + TabCycle through programs on taskbar Aero 3-D
Alt+EscCycle through items in order they opened
F6Cycle through elements in a window or desktop
F4Display address bar list in Windows Explorer
Shift+F10Display shortcut menu for selected item
Ctrl+EscOpen the start menu
Alt+underlined letterDisplay corresponding menu
Alt+underlined letterPerform command
F10Activate menu bar in active program
Right ArrowNext menu to the right
Left ArrowNext menu to the left
F5 or Ctrl+RRefresh active window
Alt+Up ArrowView the folder one level up in Win Exp
EscCancel current task
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpen task manager
Shift when you insert a CDStop autoplay
Left Alt+ShiftSwitch input language when enabled
Ctrl + ShiftSwitch keyboard layout when enabled
Right or Left Ctrl + ShiftChange the reading direction of the text
Dialog Box
Ctrl + TabMove forward through tabs
Ctrl + Shift + TabMove backwards
TabMove forward though options
Shift + TabMove back
Alt + underlined letterPerform the command
EnterReplaces clicking the mouse
SpacebarSelect or clear check box
Arrow keysSelect a button
F1Display Help
F4Display items in the active list
BackspaceOpen a folder one level up
Windows Logo Key
Window Logo KeyStart menu
Window logo key + pauseDisplay system properties
Windows logo key + DShow desktop
+MMinimize all windows
+Shift + MRestore minimized windows
+ EOpen computer
+ FSearch for file or folder
+ LLock computer
+ ROpen Run dialog
+ TCycle through programs on taskbar
Windows logo Key + numberStart the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by number
Shift + Windows logo + numberStart a new instance of the program in taskbar
Ctrl + Windows logo + numberSwitch to the last active window of the program in taskbar
Alt + windows logo key + numberOpen the Jump List for the program pinned in the taskbar
Window logo key  + tabCycle through programs on the taskbar
Ctrl + Windows logo key + TabUse arrow to cycle through taskbar programs
Ctrl + Window logo key + BSwitch to program that displayed message
Windows logo key  + SpacebarPreview the desktop
Windows logo key + Up ArrowMaximize the window
Windows logo key + Left ArrowMaximize the window to the left of screen
Windows logo key + Right ArrowMaximize the window to the right of screen
Windows logo key + Down ArrowMinimize the window
Windows logo key + HomeMinimize all but the active window
Windows logo key + + Shift + Up ArrowStretch the window to the top and bottom of screen
Windows logo key + Shift + Left or Right ArrowMove a window from one screen to another
Windows logo key + PChoose a presentation display mode
Windows logo key +  GCycle through gadgets
Windows logo key + UOpen Ease of Access Center
Windows logo key + XOpen Window Mobility Center