Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard graphic

Why keyboard shortcuts?

If you spend a lot of time at your computer editing files, keyboard shortcuts are the tools you need. For surfing the web and checking email then Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts would be a great tool to put to use. If not you probably still feel the same about bouncing back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse. Personally I find it much easier to do most of the commands without using the mouse if possible. There are several different keyboard shortcuts and it would be tedious to try to remember all of them. There are several you might find yourself using all the time. So don’t worry about memorizing them all, grab the few that you find most helpful and use those. I am certain you will find that memorizing them will have been a good investment of your time.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + Ctrl + DAdd virtual desktop

Keyboard actionShortcut
Windows Keyopen/close charms screen
Windows Key + AOpen action center
Windows Key + COpen Cortana in listening mode
Windows Key + DShow/hide the desktop
Windows Key + EOpen windows explorer
Windows Key + GOpen game bar if a game is open
Windows Key + HOpen the share charm
Windows Key + IOpen Settings
Windows Key + KOpen connect quick action
Windows Key + LLock the screen
Windows Key + MMinimize all windows
Windows Key + ROpen the run dialog
Windows Key + SOpen search
Windows Key + UOpen ease of access
Windows Key + QOpen quick link menu
Windows Key + a numberSwitch to the open application associated with that number
Windows Key + Left ArrowPin to the left side of the screen
Windows Key + Right ArrowPin to the Right side of the screen
Windows Key + Up ArrowFull window
Windows Key + Down ArrowMinimize all windows
Windows Key + Ctrl + left or right arrowSwitch between virtual desktops
Windows Key + PrtScnCapture a screen shot
Windows Key + ‘+’ keyZoom in
Windows Key + ‘-‘ keyZoom out
Windows Key + TabOpen task view
Windows Key + CommaQuick look at the desktop
Alt tabswitch between windows
ALT Left ArrowGo back
ALT Right ArrowGo forward
Ctrl CCopy selected
Ctrl VPaste
Ctrl XCut selected
Ctrl ASelect all
Ctrl ZUndo
Ctrl YRedo
Ctrl DDelete selected
Ctrl EscOpen start menu
Ctrl shiftChange keyboard layout
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen task manager
Ctrl F4Close active window

That’s about it on the short cuts

So I think that I have found and listed all of the possible ways to avoid using your mouse by using Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Remember there’s no need to try to memorize all of these tools, use the shortcuts you would use often and they will become the habit. As you go along use others and they to will be incorporated in to the normal way of doing things for you. The goal is to save time by using shortcuts and not moving back and forth from your mouse to your keyboard.

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