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different editions of Windows 10

Windows 10 editions


Different editions for different uses with Windows 10

There are two editions of Windows 10 available. This is different from Windows versions in the past when they included such versions as home, business and pro. Other than the enterprise functions both the Home and the Pro edition contain the same features. The cost difference is that the Home edition can be downloaded for about $120.00 whereas the Professional edition will run about $200.00. Even though I don’t run an internal domain at home I always use the pro edition because of the networking features and encryption (bitlocker) function. The home version has always not included the network troubleshooting tools and I like to have those features available.

One of the features that I really enjoy in Windows 10 is the ability to interface with my Xbox account. I can watch the movies I have purchased on my Xbox from my computer which works out great for me when someone else in the family has taken control of the TV for the night. It also ties into the points gathered on the Xbox website giving the ability to add points by playing games and taking short quizzes, that are both entertaining and fun.

Windows 10 Editions Feature Comparison


Continuum for Phonesxx
Windows Inkxx
Start Menu and Live Tilesxx
Tablet Modexx
Voice, pen, touch, and gesturexx
Microsoft Edge (+ reading view PDF reader)xx
Windows Helloxx
Windows Hello Companion Devicesxx
Windows Information Protectionxx
Device Encryptionxx
Trusted Bootxx
Windows Device Health Attestation servicexx
Xbox Appxx
Xbox controller support (wired)xx
DirectX 12 graphic supportxx
Game streaming (Xbox One to PC)xx
Game DVRxx
Group Policyx
Mobile Device Managementxx
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure Active Directoryx
Windows Store for Businessx
Assigned Accessx
Dynamic Provisioningx
Windows Update for Businessx
Shared PC configurationx
Take a Testx
Domain Joinx
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE)x
Remote Desktopx
Client Hyper-Vx