Microsoft’s Edge Browser

Edge – Give it a try

Microsoft’s edge browser is not the new version of Internet Explorer. As a matter of fact Microsoft built this new browser from the ground up, it’s a completely different animal. Although IE will become legacy software Microsoft did include it in Windows 10. Plus you still have the ability to use any other browser of your choosing such as Chrome, Firefox or any of the others you might prefer. I have been a Chrome user since it was released back in 2008 I am really starting to like Microsoft’s Edge browser for many reasons.

What’s So Nice About the Edge browser?

First of all they really trimmed back all the bulk from IE when they developed Edge. It is much faster than any Microsoft browser has ever been. It is as fast as Chrome used to be. It feels slick and lightweight. I have always been a fan of NOT needing to add extras to the browser to make it work on all web pages, in Edge you don’t need to add some of the standard extensions such as Flash. Chrome and Firefox continue to take extra effort to install and update add-ons like Flash. I mean you can’t really surf the web without Flash so why make it so difficult to, (it’s not really that hard to add the extensions to the other browsers) enjoy the media rich web of today.

All the extensions are available on the Edge browser

You can still add on any extensions you might want as Microsoft‘s Edge browser does support web extensions. You can still use the standard shortcuts such as ALT-d to select the address bar and ALT- Home to go to your home page. If you prefer to have a browser that does not require you to go under the hood to have it functional across the web then Edge is a great choice.

Should you give it a go?

What do you think? Should you give it a try? Chances are if your are using Windows 10 you have already tried Microsoft’s Edge browser, if for nothing else to use to install the browser of your choice. But don’t let that be the only experience using Microsoft’s Edge browser. You will find that Edge loads quickly, it is easy to navigate its features, it loads web pages quickly and you can use Cortana to assist your searches and more. The over all design is modern looking with out all the bulk of IE and it is pleasing to the eye.

Windows 10 and Cortana

Put Cortana to work for you

Getting information from Edge is simple. The default search engine is Bing and with Cortana’s help searching the web has become effortless. Bing will display search results as you type into the address bar on queries such as the weather, stock market information and if you type equations into the address bar Bing will show the solutions below the address bar for you. You can use Cortana to get definitions, synonyms for any word or term by highlighting the word or phrase and asking for what you want her to do. And of course you can use Cortana to provide information on local restaurants and many other services you might need just by asking.

In Summary, Edge gets a thumbs up

You can add extensions to assist with Microsoft Office applications such as Word and OneNote. Using Edge you can clip and save web page content into OneNote with ease and be able to read it later or to earmark some text to use in a project at work. The OneNote web clipper is easy to use and a great way to not miss out on content you might not have time to read right away but would like to save for later, after work on whenever. Overall I believe that giving Microsoft’s Edge browser a try is well worth the time it might take you. It is one of the better things out of Microsoft in a long time.

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