Customize The Appearance of The Windows Command Prompt

You can customize the appearance of the Windows command prompt to give it the look and feel that you like by editing the default settings


How to customize the appearance of the Windows command prompt is easy. Start by opening the command prompt on Windows 10 by hitting the Windows key and then just start typing the word ‘command’, or shorten it by entering ‘cmd’. Right click on the icon and ‘open as administrator’. The default settings for the command prompt has been the same now for years. It still looks like it did back in the days of D.O.S. if any of you remember those times. There is a black background and white text, plain and simple. This can be completely customized to look and feel a little more personal by changing the background color, the text color or text size as well as the size of the window and it’s location on your screen. In Windows 10 you can even set the transparency by adjusting the opacity of the background.

How to change the background color for the command prompt.

To open the command prompt select the Windows key and start typing ‘command’ you can also shorten that by typing ‘cmd’. Right click on the icon and select ‘run as administrator’command prompt window1

Right click on the top bar of the window and select ‘properties’.On the dialog that opened click on the color tab to change the background colors.background color settingsYou can select one of the set colors or you can use the RGB settings to create your own color.

How to change font properties for the command prompt</1h>

To change the command prompt font properties you will use the same dialog box as for the background color. Select the ‘font’ tab to see the current settings.font size settingsFrom here you have several options to customize the font you use. You can change size, style and color from this window.

Windows 10 user can change the opacity of the command prompt window</1h>

This is available for Windows 10. Open the same properties dialog and select the color tab.opacity settingsDown at the bottom of the window you will see the slider used to control the opacity for the command prompt. As you make changes the results will show in real time to help you make the change you want.

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