Windows Administration

Windows systems admins or sysadmins are just about the busiest group found in most IT departments. Especially in an Active Directory environment. Day to day tasks such as password resets and account management can be both time consuming and tedious.
This is a great career for folks who wish to have zero downtime to themselves, don’t like to take lunches(or like having lunch interrupted), and want to constantly deal with end users who can’t remember their logon information. Then there is the constant need to create new account, monitor group policies or share in the panic when a domain controller drops off-line.

But hey there are a group of us out there, and we continue to go to work each day. System admins are not usually out front when trouble comes up, yet many times the resolution of issues depend upon some sysadmin somewhere who knows his stuff and can pull solutions out of nowhere.

The amount of knowledge required to be a quality system administrator is enormous, yet the tools we have available, google, can make life much more manageable when used correctly. With all the responsibilities heap upon the systems administrator if she/he is not able to put into use all the available tools they won’t get far.