Internet of Everything IoE

What is the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything was first developed by Cisco and defined by Cisco as “the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.” The Internet in Things (IoT) is all communications between machines. IoT (Inetnet of Things) includes M2M (machine to machine) and P2M (people to machine) technologies also.
The IoE concept states that the “relevant and valuable connections will change the world”. In basic terms,  the larger the number and selection of electronic devices networked together the more efficient the IoE will become.

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What will it do for you

This is an amazing and extensive technology. It will enable city utilities to connect to water meters, traffic lights, subway and trolley systems, just about anything electric. In many cities the power meters attached to your homes will be able to inform the power companies that in case of a brown out your residence has emergency medical power needs thus keeping your home online when your neighbors home is temporarily without power. Not only will IoE or IoT be able to monitor or control these devices, in certain situations it can help save lives as well as just make it easier to interface with the devices we use daily.

The list of technologies and aspects of your life that can be affected by the IoE is endless. All of this is a just another characteristic of how the world and technology are interacting in our daily lives for the potential betterment of our lives today.

The Internet of Things IoT

What is the Internet of Things? It is a network of physical devices. Your car, home, television, refrigerator, audio systems and even your lighting systems or any other device which has electronics, software, anything with connectivity. The IoT helps with every day tasks. The fact that you can control the lights, TV or any other smart device in your home and not have to get up from your chair is every geeks dream. That goes for most non-geeks also. The smart home is the term to describe what the IoT can do for you in a practical application. It has been reported that last year, 2017, there was a 31% increase in connected devices. Bringing the count to above 8 billion with estimates of reaching 30 billion by 2020. If you have blue tooth in your car you are technically a part of the IoT. Almost everything we do in our modern world today is dependent upon some amount of connectivity.

It’s Already Here and Working Well

Have you ever used a bluetooth device? Do you have an office or home phone with a wireless headset? Do you use any of the voice recognition connection devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home? How about the smart TV you just purchased, one that comes with all the applications already installed for your use. Any device you may have that is connected to your home network and or the internet is a good example of the IoT. It’s kind of funny how we all are just used to things being taken care of for us via technology giving humans that much more free time to enjoy ourselves.

If you can have your refrigerator send you a text that your milk is expired. Or that you will be running out of butter soon. Think how nice that convenience would be. What we once thought of as unavailable for residential and business will become commonplace and everyday technology. All of it serving to improve the quality of life.