Other DNS Tools

The following is a list of other DNS tools used for troubleshooting DNS issues. Many of these utilities are not just for DNS issues but can be used in all types of networking diagnostics. Tools like ipconfig, for example, can be used to display all the information for every TCP/IP connection currently in use on your system. All connections will be shown, however the disconnected or disabled interfaces will indicate that information if you use the switches and syntax properly.


This is a built-in command line tool for all Windows versions starting with Windows NT. It will display all the basic information about each network card you have installed in your computer. Type ipconfig /help or /? for the list of switches available with for this command.


Used to show more than just basic information about every TCP/IP interface configured on your system. netstat provides information on routes, connections, ports, and connection stats.


netsh is a command line scripting utility which will allow you to display or change the network configuration on a computer that is running. You can run and save scripts to run on other computers in order to configure them also.


Just what it sounds like, the tracert tool will display what route through a network that the packet takes moving from one computer to another.