Print Dialog Box Not Showing in Microsoft Office

Print dialog box does not appear 

The printer dialog is one of those functions that is written into the functionality of the operating system in that it works from almost any application that you could possibly install on your computer, even some games. So the first thing I would look at if this normal behavior stops is updates. Has there been any recent updates done? Are there updates to install? Any new applications? Any changes at all that could be related to this issue? If so first try a restore to the point from before those changes.

When trying to print a document from Word, Excel or other Microsoft Office applications the print dialog to set preferences or switch printers is not showing up and the document goes directly to the default printer the following is a possible fix.

First it should be said that the ‘printer icon’ on the tool bar or ribbon is created to send directly to the default printer so if that is what is happening then you don’t have a problem.

If you have not modified your ‘’  file then, with all Microsoft Office applications closed, click on the taskbar then hit F3 to search for ‘’. Rename it to .old or whatever and then restart the application.

If you have added customized data to that file (forms, styles, auto text etc.) this would be the time to save or copy to another template. Then do the above step and copy that data back to the new  file.



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