Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s version of office productivity software made available in the cloud on a subscription basis. It is Microsoft Office  with several versions that are being offered at different costs depending upon which version is selected.
You can choose which plan for your business or for personal use is the best fit here.

The dynamic nature of this product can be seen in the feature that allows one to download the newest version Office 2016 or the previous version in x86 or 64bit software depending on one’s needs.

Office 365 offers a complete and effective administrative interface which include the ability to manage everything from individual users to Exchange mailbox and user management. Office 365 administration portal is feature rich and user friendly. If you have any experience as a Microsoft Windows administrator you will feel at home in the Office 365 administrative portal. I have been working in Office 365 since before it became known as Office 365 and find it to be easier to navigate with a complete set of user and email management tools. The tools include Exchange management interface, roll based delegation of administrative tasks. Office 365 allows you to move to the cloud or manage hybrid Exchange deployments of online and on-premises mailbox configurations. Office 365 features the easy-to-use, web-based administrative interface.

“Exchange archiving, large mailboxes and retention policies will give your users the ability to keep their data in one place while you retain control of storage and compliance demands” Microsoft products

Office 365 Suite of Online Products

The Microsoft Office applications that are so popular and many others are available in the Office 365 portal.collalborate

The Office 365 applications are available as online only or can be downloaded based on the plan purchased. The ability to use these applications from multiple devices enables your teams to work together from anywhere helping you be more productive and increasing efficiency ultimately improving your business productivity. Office 365 Groups enhance collaboration by connecting people, information and the tools needed to get more done together. Office 365 does all this using the Outlook app for iOS and Android or Outlook oh the web.

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