How to Organize Microsoft Outlook Folders

Is your Outlook email really slow? Does it seem to take longer now than ever before to get things done in Outlook?
Here’s a couple of ideas on how to organize Microsoft Outlook folders that should help you with performance issues.

Think about it for a second, now would you create a new folder in a file cabinet for may 5 or 6 documents? Probably not. The idea is that too many folders will be one way to insure that you get frustrated waiting for Outlook to do it’s thing. Of course you will want to make several different folders for reasons concerning business matters. Maybe there is one source of email that you are hit with everyday. This would be a great candidate for a folder of it’s own.
Organizing Microsoft Outlook folders is not difficult but you can make matters worse as far as performance is concerned.
Outlook has default folders and you should not remove them.

Assigning Categories

When you are thinking of how to organize Microsoft Outlook folders what your doing is making it easier to find the emails that you might need. Once that part is taken care of the ability for you to add ‘Categories’ by color is also available, which will make it even easier to find the emails you’re looking for.
selecting categories
To create or assign a Microsoft Outlook folder to a categories first click on ‘View’ at the top of the tool bars, select categories and assign that color to any folder. Now you’ll know where you have place that email by color code.
categories are only available if you are using POP3 or Exchange. IMAP users will not see this option or it will be greyed out.

How to Create New Folders

When creating folders you have the ability to name them how ever you please. I use standard names such as ‘Personal’ or ‘Saved’. Use what fits you best. Using categories and folders are extremely useful with how to organize Microsoft Outlook folders. To create a folder select the parent folder. This can be either the mailbox name, which will place the folder inline with the default folders. Or select your ‘inbox’ folder and place them in your inbox. This is not the suggested method for reasons beyond the scope of this article. Just know that adding clutter to your inbox will slow things down considerably.

With the folder selected then right click on that folders and select ‘New Folder’ name it and you’re done.

folder select

There are other ways to create a folder also, here’s an alternative. Above the tool ribbon select the ‘Folder tab’,
select ‘New Folder’ and name it appropriately.New Folder

The best method of organizing your Outlook folders is to remember clutter makes a difference. The more clutter the slower Outlook will respond. Empty out your deleted folder frequently. Clear unwanted drafts and keep your inbox as free of data as is possible.

If you stay on top of all of these items mentioned you will have a much better experience when using Microsoft Outlook. Remember to think of Outlook as a tool, which it is, as long as you keep up the maintenance the better it will perform.