How to Change Default Address Book in Outlook 2010

How to change default address book in Outlook 2010

Many times during my work day I send emails out not all of them are strictly business so when I click on my contacts or address book I don’t want the Global Address List popping up, most of those addresses auto-fill into the “To:” field any way, I want the less used personal or all contacts to be the default list that I am offered to select from. The following is how to change the default address book in Outlook 2010.

address book chooser

step one select






In order to change the default address book that show up follow the next few simple steps.

  1. From inside of Outlook 2010
  2. Select Contacts at the bottom left corner of the screen




Be sure that the home tab is selected

Home tab




Click on Address Book

With the address book dialog open select Tools then Options

This is where you make your changes by selecting a different contacts folder to open






Then click on OK  and close the dialog boxes.

That is it mission accomplished. There are many aspects of the Microsoft Office software that lend themselves to customization. You should experiment to make the looks and functions to fit the way you use the software.

Be sure to visit the Technet web site for more details

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