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Fun on the World Wide Web. It's Still Here

8/21/2011 11:53pm

As a technology professional I often find myself using the web more as a tool to accomplish a task now than I did when I first started to surf. The fun derived from chatting on IRC and downloading files from the text driven buliten boards back when we used a 300 baud modem seems to have changed. So I thought I would spend a little time looking for some sites that might actually provide a little bit of interesting content or maybe even entertainment if you would. As usual I turn to Google for some answers and the first thing I found was Panoramio.

If you enjoy photography then this is a site that has plenty of it. What makes it great is that the content comes from all over the globe. The similarity of material submitted from so many people from such a vast cultural division is what humanity is all about. The wonderful talent at Google, which is also a gathering of people from many parts of the world, has once again developed and delivered to us an application that is fun and creative. Check it out panoramio.com if you have not already done so.

You will find the combination of talented photographers who have submitted art work which is then linked into Google Earth so that you and I can actually take a look at any part of the globe through the eyes of a local. What a great idea. If you are thinking about traveling to say Spain or France you can surf to panoramio and as the developers for that site say "Explore the World".

If you have never been to Del Inca Lagoon in Chile or Vinales in Cuba you can at least take a look at what the people from those areas find interesting enough to photograph and publish.

So that is my first foray into finding something refreshing to do on the web for myself and I thought enough of it to share it with you all.

Where to Find Great Tech News

One of the things I do daily is to read the tech blogs. My favorite source of tech news usually comes from TechCrunch.They have a variety of great writers who cover a vast array of all things tech. Of course one can always just go to the source for what you are researching such as Nvidia or Intel. The problem with the home pages for any of the major players is what you usually find is mostly hype and sales. But I don't want to get started on that today. Another great resource for information and product reviews is Tom's Hardware . I have been utilizing Tom's Hardware for many years and have found them to provide a standard that most other sites of that kind cannot match.



What Kind of Crap Are They Pulling in D.C. Today?

Were you aware that there is actually a Wiki on government scandals? Talk about something rotten in the wood pile, check it out Federal government scandals> My first thought is that what the hell is wrong with these people? Then I realize that is the whole issue they are just people who have placed themselves into a position in life which puts them in the spot light. Problem is the majority have no damn integrity and should not be representing a portion of the population of this country. Hell if they don't know how to behave they should not be allowed to play.

According to the article referenced above the definition of a scandal is hard to explain yet and I quote, "Scandal is defined as loss of our damage to reputation caused by actual or apparent violation of morality or propriety. Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_political_scandals_in_the_United_States#Scope_and_organization_of_political_scandals 8/14/2011.

The article goes on to talk about the difference between scandal, controversy and unpopularity. I think that when a politician behaves in a scandalous manner it should be very controversial and have a direct impact on that individuals popularity. It seems that every week we here more about the way in which our government representatives misbehave. In many cases it is criminal the things that they get caught doing yet they are not prosecuted. The worst that happens is the wife finds out how much of a crook or pervert she married and the criminal gets a slap on the hand or loses his job. In comparison to the people they represent who in the same scenario not only experience the above crap but usually end up in jail also. How can that be right?

I will most likely go on and on about the way americans refuse to pay attention to the misconduct of and the misrepresentation our elected officals have been found guilty of. Not only are the majority of these outragious acts ignored but the fools some how get re-elected. Take George Bush as an example. The guy did nothing but spend money and put us in a war we will never win. Yet he got a second term, but was that due to the dangeling chads? Will history show that we as a nation were hoodwinked and cheated on that election? I will stop here for today, I have got to go out and cut the grass and wash the car. What do you think? Is America becoming the melting pot of fools and victums? Is there any backbone left in us as a nation? Have we forgotten why our forefathers came here and fought the Brits? And last are we all going to sit quietly as the jerks in office slowly erode away the Constitution and our Bill of Rights?

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