Active Directory Troubleshooting

Microsoft Windows Active Directory is Microsoft’s trademarked directory service and was introduced with the Windows Server 2000 roll out. Active Directory acts like other directory services, such as Novell Directory Services (NDS), in that it provides a centralized management tool for network and directory resources. All aspects of network management such as administration of users, user data, security as well as distributed resources such as files and applications can be managed with Active Directory’s tools.

There is already a large collection of web sites doing a great job of defining Microsoft Active Directory. Microsoft maintains the TechNet Library which provides detailed in depth technical documents for all of their products.  I will not go into a detailed technical description of Active Directory. I feel no need to duplicate all that effort.

I will say that Microsoft Active Directory is very much a complex entity that will be the cause of endless hours or work if you do not understand it. When designed and implemented correctly Active Directory is all the tool that it is advertised to be and much more.

When Active Directory breaks, it has been my experience, that the more resources you might have to find a solution the better off you will be. I hope to be able to provide enough information here on this site to enable you to find a solution. I am not running this site with a large budget so I will add to and take from here now and then and attempt to keep improving the content. I know that for myself I have found that by browsing different forums and help sites I often find a different approach to the problem at hand and this has lead me to find a fix where I had not been looking. Whatever the issue is that you might be faced with presently I hope you find your answer soon.

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