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A Collection of Technical Information

A collection of technical information or knowledge base consisting of troubleshooting aids and solutions for technical issues. I know that one thing the web is not short on and that is technical information and help. There are several sites to find the answer to almost any technical issue you might experience. Even more for non-technical issues. Kcirs technical information collection will offer assistance and easy solutions to many different types of problems. I have added a couple of reference type pages also. Things like shortcuts and hot key examples.

What’s here?

The technical information collection holds articles on many different topics. You will find both the description and in some cases troubleshooting for a array of technical issues or subjects. I have added a discussion board for comments or ideas. You must sign in to use the topics board. Please register and let me know what you think.

If you register you’ll be able to comment on anything posted. If you have anything you might want to offer to improve this site or technical information you would like to ad let me know in a post and I will review any pertinent ideas. So please register now.

This project is my pastime. I work here after my day job. I add content as often as is possible so there is more coming. If you would like to add to the content then share with me your ideas and I’ll review them and respond to your posts.

Technical information

Hope you come back?

Thank you for stopping in, I hope you find what you are looking for. Please be sure to bookmark this page for your convenience and come back as often as you need. I have several different sponsors whose ads I am running on this site. if you click on one I get paid. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps me pay for the hosting and time I put into kcirs.com. Don’t be shy, go ahead and click on one or more of the advertisements

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