Kcirs Technical Information Collection

Welcome to Kcirs Technical Information Collection! After years of working the Help Desk for many different companies, in a variety of industries I have seen many sites on the web which provide technical information and answers for the IT professional. There are thousands of sites doing a great job of helping you find the answers to technical problems. If you are an IT professional, a home users or just the go to guy for all your friends when it comes to computer problems you have spent plenty of time looking up solutions on the web. Kcirs is my collection of experience and helpful tips. It has started out small but I intend to add more as time passes. Most of my experience is with Microsoft products and that will be a good portion of the content here on Kcirs. My goal is to document all that I can in the hope that at some time it will be helpful to others. If you find information here that is incorrect or not complete please post to say so.

I want to try to organize Kcirs in a manner which will actually be of help to those of us whom do this stuff for a daily living. If you troubleshoot computers and work, help, play or are in any way involved in the IT department for your job or hobby this collection should be helpful. Technical help for computer workers and help desk technicians will be the primary focus. However, this is a blog so I am certain you will find one or two of my personal opinions on just about anything that might come up.


Of course if you would like to post to Kcirs please do. The greater the amount of correct technical information that is found in one place the less time needed to find a solution.

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